When The Impossible Becomes Possible

Reducing uncertainty in decision making is one of the main goals of Market Research. Brands and companies invest large sums to better understand their environment. Not knowing the state of the markets and the people who consume their services and products can lead to setbacks and closures. In an ideal environment, the only concern is the growth of the company and the strengthening of competitive advantages.

Nonetheless, the third decade of the 21st century has turned out to be a roller coaster of emotions to say the least. For post-war generations, a scenario of international conflagration seemed to be a distant threat reserved for the history books. The rise of the capitalist bloc in the early 1990s gave us a respite after years of tensions against the communist bloc, but recent events in Europe reflect another possibility.

With the financial crises derived from the bursting of some bubbles, the outbreak of the SarsCov2 pandemic and the recent attacks on Ukraine, they lead all people to reconsider what was thought to be part of the kingdom of the impossible. And it is that we have some consecutive years in which the scenarios raised in science fiction movies have become reality, questioning several certainties.

Although most of us have had to adapt to the increasingly constant transformations in daily life, it seems that we have more threats on the horizon and that in one way or another we will have to face them. Among these we find the climate crisis that calls into question what we know and have in terms of agricultural, livestock and human activities. There are also the future diseases that may return from the stories of the grandparents due to the advance of antibiotic resistance. This is just to mention two examples.

Can we just wait for things to happen to act? Many people, much more so in Latin America due to idiosyncrasy and culture, are more reactive than preventive. However, the price to pay for this posture is increased vulnerability, exposure, and recovery times in the event of a disaster. Instead, those who prevent, plan, invest, and regularly drill have the opposite effect.

From Geography we can learn that many of the threats that are coming are the product of the decisions of various actors and therefore the responsibility to stop them, prevent them and prepare for them also lies with us. If we already resort to this social science as a tool for Geomarketing solutions, it is time to review other facets so that whatever future awaits us is the best for everyone.

That is why Market Research must further develop its area of ​​risk analysis and response route planning in the face of the most disparate possibilities. Recent events have shown that anything is possible no matter how crazy it may seem. The most cautious and sensible tend to prevail and move on. At Acertiva we are aware of this situation and we are ready to help your brand in this task. Write us today to help you learn more about your market, consumers and competitors.