Medicine, Market research and health contingencies

Most could only conceive of market research as an exclusive activity of the private sector. However, media agencies also collaborate with the public sector. This is due to the fact that government institutions do not usually have the experience to understand consumers and therefore contract the services of market analysts to fulfill different purposes.

Amid the health contingency due to COVID-19, partnerships between governments and market research have reached new heights. For example, it is possible to monitor through online panels whether or not participants have symptoms of the disease in order to channel mitigation efforts in the early stages of infection.

In addition, the experience of market researchers nourishes the work of physicians and scientists to understand community behavior and decision-making. Tasks such as the search for the vaccine will also have a consumer study component to make its implementation more efficient when it reaches the market.

On other occasions, either through specific agreements between the public sector and research agencies, and only if the consumer agrees, it is possible to follow up on cases of adverse drug effects that are registered thanks to the participation of those who used.

It is also possible to support the understanding of the public’s perception regarding diseases, the actions to be implemented to control them and the effects that these will have on daily life. In this way, the messages that the authorities must issue to citizens can be improved in order to obtain better results to contain and reduce contagions.

We are in the middle of a situation that requires joining all possible efforts to control the current health contingency worldwide. The economy and health, in every conceivable setting, cannot tolerate for long the interruption and control of daily activities.

To the extent that it is possible to integrate all the actors with competence to stop the accelerated advance of the disease, it will also be the speed with which we can continue without major fears of contagion. Market research is one of those actors. Let’s work together so we can get outside once more.