What Can We Expect In Market Research This 2023?

We are less than a month away from closing 2022. It has been a year of many challenges after some sanitary measures have been lifted to contain the COVID-19 pandemic that has not yet ended based on the World Health Organization. Despite this, life goes on and many activities have had to adapt to the new world that brought with it the understanding that there are diseases that are spread by aerosols. Aerosols are tiny particles that people breathe out when breathing, talking, and doing physical activities.

Just as we have all had to adapt our habits to the new reality, so next year will bring with it new trends that are well worth taking into account in order to adopt these new practices early and take advantage of innovations while they are still opportunities. That is why we have listed some situations that we believe will become more relevant in the next twelve months.

  • Artificial intelligence. It was viral news this year that an artificial intelligence managed to win an art contest. Several artists have begun to protest against the increase in the presence of increasingly sophisticated intelligences that manage to create highly realistic images and whose appearance makes people doubt whether the author is flesh and blood or a set of computerized instructions. In market intelligence it will be necessary to pay attention to this trend in order to adapt it to our work.
  • Pandemic response plans. COVID-19 is not the first nor the last disease to put the world on the ropes. At the time of publishing this entry it has not been possible to fully control the international outbreak of SarsCov2. Thanks to globalization that drives the mobility of an increasing number of people in the world, the conditions are created for other pathogens to spread across the planet at an unsuspected speed. Many voices in the health sector have been warning us for a long time about the risk of epidemics due to bacteria that are ultra-resistant to all antibiotics, now known for the abuse in the use of these drugs. Media companies must generate prevention and mitigation plans for when these future contingencies occur.
  • 5G solutions. Efforts to implement the 5G network are advancing in many countries. This new generation of telecommunications will provide, among other things, faster data upload and download speeds, more devices connected to an antenna, better energy efficiency and an increase in the demand for multimedia content. Features such as augmented reality and applications that rely on immediate responses between the user’s receiver and a server will become commonplace in the short term. This can encourage the practice of new types of studies such as proofs of concept with dummies shown with virtual reality glasses or virtual focus groups with fewer technical connection problems.
  • Greater privacy controls. In some regions of the world, restrictions on the handling and disposal of personal data held by individuals have increased. This practice is closely related to our sector. Despite regional or national differences, it will be increasingly a priority to have more and better database protection instruments. Privacy notices will not suffice. In the future, it may be necessary to have permanent advisors or providers of legal and technological advice to comply with the standards that the countries and blocks impose in their respective territories.

The 21st century has shown us that transformations in our daily lives can occur in ever shorter periods of time. Although it has also taught us that some changes are only temporary or have been a little ahead of our time. Being attentive to these situations and implementing what applies to each one makes us competitive. However, knowing how to distinguish between fantasies that are very difficult to realize from the novelties of tomorrow requires a lot of experience and knowledge.

At Acertiva we are aware of these issues and we work to test them in due course. We do this because we are sure that curiosity is a virtue when it comes to knowing reality. Do you need to apply Market Research in our region? Write us today to tell you how we can be your allies in LATAM.

Imagen ilustrativa de una persona usando lentes de realidad virtual (español) / Imagem ilustrativa de uma pessoa usando óculos de realidade virtual (Português) / Illustrative image of a person using virtual reality glasses (English)